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Dead Surrounding Wed, Aug 09 2006 14:56

I got a copy of Dead Rising for the XBox360 last night. Jessie's store managed to get a couple copies after telling me they weren't getting it in until today.

The opening scenes were cool and they got you to use your photographic abilities in the game. It kind of sucked that I'd already seen most of the opening sequence already (released as Webisodes on the internet and Xbox Live) but I saw it in HD and there was a bit more in the actual opening.

Having played through a small chunk of the beginning of the game I can tell already that I'm gonna love playing it, however, I don't know how much I'll enjoy playing it over and over again. The game has an interesting save scheme and by interesting I mean it sucks. Apparently you can only save in the security room couch or the public bathrooms. The problem lies in the fact that you might go through two or three quests before ever getting back to the security room. I already died twice and started back at the very beginning of the game. It wasn't too horrible since I barely started but I don't look forward to doing that any more.

They do give you the option of saving your stats and quitting the game. This way, you don't lose any of the power-ups you gained after the last save. It would make getting through those parts again easier but you still have to do it again and I can see how it would get annoying. Maybe I just need to look for more bathrooms.

From what I can tell, most of the quests are gonna be hand-holding escort missions and those are always fun. My memory takes me back to guiding Natalya out of the Bunker only to have her get trapped behind a door and getting shot right at the exit.

Stupid NPCs and saving systems, the game is so god damn fun. I think I've played this game longer than GRAW which I've had for about a month now. Fuckin' zombies man!

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