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RSI Fri, May 02 2008 06:42

I've been inking frames for my animation for about 5 hours straight. My wrist muscles are a little achey and the first joint of my right middle finger is sore and maybe bruised. I have 130 of 300 frames inked so far. At a rate of about 20 frames an hour, I still have 8.5 hours of inking ahead of me.


Certainly I brought it upon myself but man...

Tuesday will be fantastic though. I got GTA IV last weekend and I've only been able to play about 2 hours of it. The other night I signed onto Live and the notification that 9 of my friends were online popped up. All but one was playing GTA and the one that wasn't is in England. I don't even know if they have it there yet. Also, I just recently added him so he's not my friend really...

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