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Final Project...ish Tue, May 13 2008 07:53

Here's a rough cut for Animation Class final project. The class is over so anything I do from now on is just for myself. The original assignment was for 30 seconds. I managed to animate over 330 frames. The final animation I did for class was a second shy of a minute long.

Admittedly, I rushed through a lot of it. Sometimes I paused for half a second when I should've paused for two or I didn't pause at all when a long 5 second pause would've worked better.

I was hoping to be able to squeeze it under a minute but it just seems to race along at that pace. I'll be spacing this out a bit to get the timing down.

It's interesting how much the quality and file size changed dramatically when I went from shooting with a DV camera for pencil tests to high res scans. The image clarity is fantastic. It looks like one of my drawings in motion. An added bonus is that the file size is something like 16 times smaller just because it wasn't the cruddy noisy badly compressed image captured from the camera.

Here it is:

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