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I hate this game. Tue, Jun 03 2008 08:20

I am often heard yelling, "Grah, I hate this game!" whenever the game I'm playing doesn't work out exactly how I want it to. Or sometimes when I'm just sucking at it. As of late, it's been GTA4 and KoL.

In GTA, there is an achievement for finishing the game in under 30 hours. I'd been trying to get this the first time through because I don't want to have to play through another 30 hours of this after I've already beaten it. When I last checked, I was in the low 20 hour range which is great. Then I check it last night and I am just over 28 hours in. Apparently, all that time I spent playing multiplayer added to my game clock.

At first, I figured I was just screwed but I blasted through the missions I had as fast as possible and when I was getting through them in 5-10 minutes. I thought it might be possible. Right now, I have 7 missions left and just under an hour remaining. I think I can do it...

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