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What I've Been Playing Thu, Jan 15 2009 11:48

Been wanting to put gaming bloggish posts somewhere and this is where most people will see it. I'll probably xpost in other places until I find a good regular place for it.

Here's what I've been playing recently and some impressions:

Rock Band 2: Still awesome, still sinking so much god damn money into this game. Why they gotta keep releasing awesome songs? Still prefer drums over every other instrument.

Mirror's Edge: Everything about this game is fantastic except the few things that suck. First person parqour works so god damn well and it's terrifying each time I fall. The combat is great despite what a lot of the internet thinks. It's not perfect but it is really really good for something people aren't used to doing: hand-to-hand combat in first person. Regardless of this, the best solution is always the running solution. I'm looking forward to the DLC coming later this month though running puzzles aren't as much fun as badassedly disarming a dude.

Fallout 3: I'm not very far in and if things go as they are going now, I don't know how much further I will be going in. It's probably mostly option paralysis or just the fact that I don't have time to play 100 hour games, especially if I get maybe 2 hours of playtime a day. In light of that, the game is really good. I was expecting Oblivion with guns, which it is for the most part, but the sci-fi setting is much more interesting to me. Also, there are guns. Shooting still involves dice rolls which I hatehatehate but it's not so bad and shooting heads off mutants is always a good time.

I already screwed up at least 1 mission and my desire to have the best playthrough has me itching to start over but that's something I'll just have to let go. I figure I will certainly get my money's worth if I just play through the main quest, even though I've been branching off already. The dialogue is fun. Jessie gets a kick out of the obviously evil things you can say. She says she will play through but I'll believe it when I see it.

Dash of Destruction: This is the free Doritos game. It is actually pretty fun. I got all but the multiplayer achievement because I couldn't be bothered to find an online game. Running around a a T-rex destroying buildings and eating Doritos delivery trucks is a good time. Makes me want to eat Doritos.

Half-life: I just can't do it. I got nauseated and motion-sickness'd before I even got my HEV suit on. I'm hoping the fan created remake in the Half-life 2 engine will make it playable for me. I may just look for a video playthrough to get me through it enough to understand what-goes-on so I can just move on to Half-life 2 and its episodes.

Left 4 Dead: I don't need any other games, ever. This is a serious problem since I still have all of Fallout and Gears of War 2 to play through. I own 2 copies of it for 360 so we can get some delicious multiplayer going or if Jessie and I just want to play on our own screens. Jessie also got it for me on Steam for Xmas as part of the Valve Complete Pack. Switching between 360 and PC is a little weird. My accuracy and efficacy go down when going from PC to 360. Still, it looks great on my desktop.

I still have dreams of getting 4 360s and 8 people together for 4v4 Versus. Maybe this Spring for MoCCA.

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