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[Insert Yet To Be Decided Name of Weekly Gaming Blog Post Here] Wed, Feb 04 2009 07:18

I wrote up a big thing about playing the Resident Evil 5 demo some more but I decided to give it another shot and I should have a post up tomorrow specifically about that. On to the other games.

Hexic HD
The following is a brief explanation of how this game works. There is a field of hexagons. Your cursor moves around the field focusing on groups of three hexagons arranged in a triangle. You can rotate this group clockwise or counterclockwise. If three or more hexagons of the same color come together, they are cleared from the field and you score some points. If you manage to arrange 6 hexagons in a ring, you unlock a star. The star allows you to rotate the six hexagons around it. If you manage to arrange 6 stars in a ring, you unlock a gem. If you manage to get three gems together, you win the game. If you manage to get 6 gems in a ring, you super-win the game.

Up until this past week, I'd only ever managed to get 3 gems together but I was finally able to get that ring of 6 gems together and super mother fucking win that game. The best part of it was that this unlocked an achievement, the last of 12 that I hadn't been able to get in the almost 3 years of playing this game. That felt pretty good and now, I never have to play that game again.

Half-life 2
Ravenholm is scary! I generally don't play scary games because they always get me (Fuck you F.E.A.R.) so running skeleton zombie things in Ravenholm wasn't the best of times for me. The priest dude was pretty rad though.

I really can not express how much I hate the vehicles parts of this game with written words. You know how a dog will latch onto a stuffed animal or rope and then whip its head back and forth, I imagine to try and snap the neck of the thing they caught? That's sort of how I feel whenever I have to get into a stupid vehicle in this game.

When you're driving a vehicle, up is accelerate, down is deccelerate/reverse, left is left, right is right. This changes a bit if you're moving backwards, as you would imagine. If you hit left, the back of your vehicle starts moving to the left and your camera swings to the right. Makes perfect sense. Except that this occurs if you're just holding the down button. If you're speeding along and you want to stop hard, you hold the down button. If you hit left/right at this point, your camera will turn left or right as if you were moving backwards even though you're just deccelerating. Maybe you just come to a stop and start going backwards that quickly but it's really disorienting.

That's one of the things that makes me sick, literally near-vomiting sick, in this game. The movement in general is so unnatural. You never really feel like you're a person moving through an environment. You always feel like you're a camera with a gun strapped to it floating through a space or as I've described it before a one-armed robot on rollerskates made of butter. It feels more like a 3D environment is sliding around you and not you moving a character through an actual 3D space. That always gets my motion-sickness going full force.

Anyways, I did a bunch of buggy sequences and now I'm in some bridge or something. The Starship Trooper bugs were annoying as fuck. I'm still in the first third of the game aren't I?

Left 4 Dead
Didn't play as much of this as I'd wanted. Jessie and I messed around in Versus a little bit and we played No Mercy on Normal with 2 bots. It went extremely well.

I tried playing it on Expert again. I was alone so I didn't last long. If I had even just one other player, I think I'd be able to get through.

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