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My 2 Credit(s) - 2/26/09 Thu, Feb 26 2009 07:31

Time is short for me today, friends. My boss had the gall to actually give me things to do during my shift so I didn't have the time to give this as much time as I would've like.If you want to read a nice long intelligent take on Street Fighter IV instead of me yelling about how much I dislike fighting games, check out this post by my partner in crime, Bronson.

Still, I'll do a quick run through of what I played because I know it delights you so.

Left 4 Dead
Did you expect me to not play this? I was going to write at length about how awesome this game was and why but instead, I will tell you that I played my first truly enjoyable game of Versus and it is mostly attributed to the fact that the other team was terrible and we demolished them.

Mirror's Edge DLC
I will be honest. As soon as I purchased this with my Microsoft Space Doubloons, I regretted it almost immediately. As I ran through the first new time trial, I wondered why the hell I would pay cash money for it. An hour later I was still trying to perfect my run on that same level. I've since poked around the second and third and in each one, I kind of miss the combat. The running puzzles are still amazing and getting runs down just right is still incredibly satisfying but I didn't get to beat a dude down with my swiftness. It got a little monotonous.

I've got so much on my plate right now that I don't know if or when I'll get back to it but I feel okay about my purchase since I've put a couple hours into it and had a good time.

Afro Samurai Demo
Take everything I said that made Onechanbara a great game and then actually make it a fully functional, well designed, pretty looking game and you'll have Afro Samurai. I doubt I'll pick this up any time soon but it would certainly be nice to rent or pick up used. This also got me interested in watching the series.

GTA 4: The Lost and Damned
I picked this up via Amazon and got 3 months of Live for free with it. GTA was also one of my favorite games of last year. These are reasons why I have no problems with spending twenty bucks on this game. Still, I am not as excited about it as I thought I would be.

I really miss Niko. Johnny is an interesting character to play, though he is just as "loathsome" as Niko was but he's a biker dude which automatically makes him kind of a dick. Niko had some charm to him and despite being willing to kill people for money. Johnny on the other hand does it for fun. The gang always talks about putting down deadbeats who are apparently anyone that opposes or offends them in any way.

In pretty much every mission, Johnny makes some pained faces as Billy, the newly released from prison president of the Liberty City chapter of The Lost biker gang, tells everyone to mount up so they can go kill some dudes. Then you go and kill some dudes without remorse. I guess that's what you get out of a GTA game; it was basically the same with Niko.

The game itself is still great. I'd forgotten how good it looked and felt to be running around in Liberty City. It took a while to get the hang of the controls again but after an hour or so, it was like it was last April all over again. So far the persistent missions are fighting with rival gangs and motorcycle races.

The gang wars are super easy. Find the other guys and then shoot them until they die. You start out with a sort of powerful but inaccurate as hell sawed off shotgun but I grabbed a pistol as soon as I could and started getting headshots on everyone. The combat is not too difficult in this game.

The motorcycle races are pretty much just like they were in GTA4. A few laps around a section of the city and most of the time, you just shoot at the other dudes until you get to first place and you stay there. This time around, you get to beat people off their bikes with a bat which is really satisfying. The motorcycle physics seem much improved although it might be because of the special bike you get. It's called the Hexer (Dexer? the font is weird) and it's a custom made bike just for you! If you ever lose it or leave it somewhere during a mission, you can just call your buddy up and he'll drop it off for you.

I'm definitely having a good time with this. It's What I'm Playing right now, the game I go to when I turn on my 360.

Whew, I managed to get more written than I'd hoped. See you next week. Oh, and in case you don't know for some odd reason, this is my Gamertag:

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