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My 2 Credit(s) - 3/5/09 Thu, Mar 05 2009 05:40

I've been busy trying to update heart-comics so I haven't had much time for playing games or writing about them. I've actually been sleeping a bunch more. What's up with that?

I did play a little Left 4 Dead and so I have a fun tip for anyone who is interested. As you probably know, the Tank is a big dude. He usually picks one of the survivors and chases after them when he appears and he will follow this character wherever he goes. You can use this to your advantage by having this character jump through a window. When the Tank tries to get through, he scrunches up as small as he can and sort of wiggles is way into the window frame.

While he's doing this, you should send two people outside the window, leaving the other two inside. If you're lucky, he'll alternate between trying to get to the people inside and outside and basically just be stuck in the window unable to do any attacks.

If you're the one the Tank is going after, you can do something else to keep him trapped there. Once he snuggles into the window frame, move to an area that is off to the side of the window. The Tank will continue to try to jiggle his way towards you. Here is a quick sketch of what the hell I'm talking about.

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