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In Case of Emergency Wed, May 06 2009 01:33

I was sitting around the apartment when suddenly a loud blaring sound starting coming in from the hallway. I did what anyone would do and stayed inside my apartment. I may have hid in the closet.

I eventually went outside to check out what it was. The sound was pretty loud and it sounded like it was coming from the entirety of the hallway and at the same time nowhere at all. When I went downstairs, I saw another tenant coming out of his apartment and we had the exchange depicted in the comic. He did not see concerned at all.

I hung around in the lobby for a moment and saw a strange moustachioed man arrive. He took the elevator downstairs and a short time later, he reappeared. Moments later, the alarm stopped. Satisfied with that conclusion, I went back to my apartment.

The alarm came back shortly after but by that point, I didn't care. Every time I heard it again, I also heard some kids yelling upstairs so I suspect someone was just pulling an alarm somewhere.

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