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S-Ward-Son Thu, May 07 2009 05:46

A little over seven years ago, my friends and I were having lunch after seeing the Spider-man movie. Two of them kept quoting bits from a stand-up comedian named Nick Swardson and they kept insisting that I had to see his act. I told them I would check it out when I got home.

Worried that I would forget the name of the comedian, they said they needed to write his name down for me. I insisted that I would not forget his name and that I would never forget it. In fact, I created a little mnemonic to remember it (Nick Swardson, S-Ward-Son). They were not satisfied with this and so we made a bet that in 7 years, I would have to call one of them up to tell them the comedians name.

Fast forward to May 4, 2009. The event that occurred was not dissimilar to the one depicted in the comic.

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