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I Survived Many Hardships Mon, Jun 15 2009 11:46

I left my USB flash drive in my pocket and ran it through the wash. I only noticed it because it was pinned against the window of the dryer. Even though it had just been completely soaked through and dried and not much else could happen to it, I figured getting it out as soon as possible would be the best idea. Sadly, this particular dryer was malfunctioning in that the dryer drum would not stop spinning when the door was open.

I managed to snatch the USB drive out amidst partially dry spinning laundry that was spilling out of the machine. That done, I figured I would just wait out the machine and let it complete its cycle. 10 minutes after it was supposed to stop, it was still spinning and I didn't want to wait anymore so I ended up frantically grabbing at laundry as it twirled out of the machine bit by bit until I had it all. The last couple of socks were tricky and a little dangerous. Dryers spin a lot faster than you would think!

So after that happened, I was standing in the laundromat in a pile of my clean, mostly dry laundry which I shoved into my laundry bin/bag. As I was securing the bungee cord, it slipped off and whacked me in the head. A week later and my head is still sore.

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