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The Binary Nature of the Internet Wed, Jul 08 2009 12:09

This was inspired by the almost universally negative reception that Transformers 2 is getting. It's currently at 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. To put this into perspective, Twilight is at 49%.

Now I know that as a person who revels in some of the worst movies out there, my opinion on the matter might be a bit skewed but this is a little out of hand. That's not to say that Transformers 2 is a magnificent piece of art. It is what it is: a decent sci-fi action movie where giant technologically advanced robots punch each other with their fists and occasionally with big swords. Also, they transform into cars and stuff.

It just really irritates me that nowadays, something is either the best fucking thing ever since the last thing that was awesome or it's the most godawful thing to have ever existed and it should be a crime for such a thing to exist. There is an extremely vast expanse of quality between awful and awesome. It would be very nice if the internet discovered its existence.

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