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And Here We Welcome Back Our Host Wed, Nov 01 2006 06:16

As most of you know, I work the graveyard shift during the school year. As such, I've had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the schedule thus far. Okay, so perhaps that's just an excuse since I'm two months in. I've been a bit lazy, I'll say that much. There have been complications that have gotten in the way.

A few years ago, I moved away from drawing in sketchbooks to drawing on loose sheets of cover stock. The thickness and feel of the cover stock is pretty much identical to sketchbook paper. Up until now, I've just been 3-hole punching the sheets of paper and slipping them into a binder but that's amateur hour. Holey paper ain't no fun! I've been looking to buy a huge amount of transparent sheet protectors but I've been putting it off but I need to get moving on it so yeah.

But enough about me...

Another November is upon us and you know what that means. Last years attempt was a rousing success and I am at it again this year. I finished last year with about 13 days to go so I decided that I'd try for two novels this time around. I'm doing okay so far. 2000 words into one novel, 500 into another. It's a good start. I didn't really set out to write anything tonight but I got some good stuff down.

The problem I had last year was that the story was finished and I had some padding to do. that was pretty much what I did for the last night of writing. This year, both of my novels are pretty open ended so getting to the "end" really isn't saying much.

So here's the plan. I'm pretty sure it will fail miserably but here it is anyway. I'll be writing every night this month so what I will try to do is after reaching my writing quota for the night, I will try to illustrate some part of the novel and post it as a comic. The comic may be delayed a day or so.

My original plan was to post my writing every day for all to read but judging by what I wrote so far, I certainly won't be doing that.

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