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Current Progress Sat, Nov 04 2006 06:55

25% Done! Take that novel writing month!

Things are moving along nicely. I'm discovering obvious wonderful things about the characters and story as I'm going along. I'm having a good time with it. And how could I not?

It is every easy to enjoy writing a novel about the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. The working title at the moment is

Oh shit!                                        Zombies!

Here's a clip:

"There's no such thing as zombies. It's just phsyically impossible," said Daniel.
"And you're the judge of what is and what isn't phsyically impossible?" asked Declan pointing to Daniel who was at the moment floating in a force construct armchair several feet in the air being fanned by two naked angels who were semitransparent and glowing blue.

Declan smirked. Daniel re-abosrbed the force constructs and they disappeared.

"That's besides the point. Nothing on this Earth will reanimate a human body after it's dead. It's science! It's just the way it is."
Declan, still smirking, pointed behind Daniel. Standing in the doorway was a zombie.
"Oh for crying out loud how did that get in here?"

The zombie made a lunge for Daniel but just before it made contact, Daniel threw up a force construct wall in front of him. A semi transparent object glowing sky blue, the force construct was an object conjured out of nothing by the power of Daniel's mind or something. The wall had been created such that the zombie's hand was peeking through the other side of it. A second later, it fell off where it met the wall. The zombie took no notice and began pawing at the construct wall like a puppy who wanted to eat Daniel.

"What's this?" came a voice from behind the Zombie.
"It's a zombie," said Declan declaratively.
"It's not a- ugh, whatever," protested Daniel.

The zombie took notice of the person behind it and lunged at her. Pris stood still, arms crossed, looking down at the pitiful looking thing. The zombie grabbed her upper arm and clamped its teeth down. Unflinching, Pris continued to loook down at the zombie with a slight look of amusement as the zombie chomped down on her arm hard enough to break its own teeth. Pris remained unharmed.

"Just kill it, make sure you destroy the brain," said Daniel as he waved away the force construct wall.

Pris shrugged and punched her fist through the zombie's head. It went limp and slid to the gound. Daniel waved a hand at it and a giant dustpan and broom appeared, sweeping the mess up, placing it in a garbage bag, and depositing the bag in the garbage bin outside his window.

"Okay, so maybe there are zombies."

Oh and that thing I said about maybe drawing a comic of the novel as it progresses... Yeah, I don't know if I'll be doing that just yet. I'm having trouble keeping my pace as it is. I'm ahead of the standard schedule but Novel 2 is way behind. I want to finish this one early enough to give the second one a good go.

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