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One Man's Garbage... Fri, Nov 10 2006 05:24

After a lovely dinner at Joe's Shanghai in New York's Chinatown, I happened upon a pile of stuff, presumably from someone's apartment. There were two armchairs, a small television, I think two VCRs. I personally don't mind digging through garbage to find some neat stuff and today I was rewarded. Sitting inside a bucket was a Nintendo 64 with all its cables and a controller. It's a little dirty but I'm going to assume it works perfectly fine until I can get home to test it.

Now, I already have an N64 and so does my girlfriend. So what should I do with this one?
On an unrelated note, I skipped out on writing tonight because I brought my 360 to work with me. Gears of War came out this week so I really couldn't go that long without playing it. Also, I wanted to show it to my coworker Ray.

We played for a while until one of the controller's batteries died. I didn't bring a spare or the charger so that kind of sucked. We had a chance to play some multiplayer which was fun but very unfair since I had a huge head start on Ray. I kinda thought I wouldn't like it but it feels totally different compared to Halo 2 Multiplayer. Online multiplayer is pretty much just like single battles in the campaign.

So back to my original point: my novel continues tomorrow night. I should really try and shoot for 10k more words since I skipped today.

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