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Food is Delicious Sat, Dec 09 2006 04:08

Toasted everything bagel ham sammich is a good damn time. Especially along with a cup of coffee and some potato chips.

Also delicious, chicken cutlet sammich with avacado and potato chips. the chips really exist to get a good crunch to everything. Back in high school when I was working as a cashier, there was a deli that we would order lunch from. They had a six dollar chicken cutlet sandwich that was at least half a pound of chicken on 10" hero. Slice up an entire avacado and put that in there while the chicken is still hot and god damn, a good time was had by all.

Regarding apartments, our application is in for the first apartment we saw but we took a look at another apartment Friday morning. The website lists it as being twice as big but it's actually around half as big. That's not that much of a deal since Jessie and I were kind of at a loss as to what we would've done with that much space. It's a little sad since we'd already been dreaming up ways to fill that space but I think we'll get over it, heh.

Other notes, the kitchen has a built in microwave and dishwasher. The bathroom is nice and has a standard tub shower (=D). The rent is a hundred bucks less. the broker's fee is almost six hundred bucks less. The neighborhood, though only 4 blocks away from the other, is quieter and nicer. Everything at the first place was kind of cramped together but everything in the new place seems spread out.

We'll probably hear on Monday what the deal is with either apartment. I'm hoping for the smaller one but would be happy with either.

Now, back to virtual furniture arranging.

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