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I'm Never Moving Again Wed, Jan 10 2007 13:25

Okay so it's been like two weeks now but Jessie and I moved into our new apartment. Every day I think about how awesome it is and how much I like it. It's just south of Prospect Park on the Q line which is one of the most reliable train lines.

We spent over eight hundred (800) dollars in Ikea stuff. Most importantly is the Expedit TV Media Center thingy and the Bankesta Coffee table. The TV thing is chock full of game consoles. The coffee table has two roll out storage units which we are storing our game controllers and role playing books. Yeah, we're nerds.

The coffee table took a bit of doing to get. They were sold out at Ikea New Haven so Jessie and I went to the one in Elizabeth NJ with the idea that I would haul the thing back on the bus. Well, when we got there, the reality of lugging a hundred pound coffee table on the bus back with us dawned on us (me really, Jessie never liked the idea) and so we had it shipped to our apartment and picked up another book case to justify the shipping costs.

The apartment is definitely coming together. We just need to find places for all our crap. Of course, as always, I forgot to take the "before" pictures of the apartment bare and empty. Once we get everything cleaned up though, there will be many "after" pictures.

Sophie had taken to the place as far as I can tell. She is all sorts of affectionate and sleeps with us on the bed every night.

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