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5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Fri, Jul 07 2006 10:06

Earlier in the week, I'd entertained ideas of taking Friday and Saurday off from work to go up to Connecticut for Connecticon. Jessie was going there for work and I figured I'd go up and have some fun there but due to reasons of bureaucracy, I was not able to easily get Friday off. So here I am working on Friday.

So had I actually gone up to CT, someone would've had to feed Sophie T. Cat. She probably would've been fine with an extra large dish full of food but sometimes I worry. I asked Andy if he would mind feeding her since he's only a few train stops away and he said yes. His services, however appreciated they are, were no longer needed since I was around to feed Sophie this morning. Andy stopped by anyway since I had this bindle of DVDs I wanted to get rid of and Andy was looking for one.

Andy came in just as I was setting up the digital audio cable for my XBOX360 so he was one of the first to try it out with me. I shoved the controller in his hands and turned on Geometry Wars. Andy seemed pleased but the game wasn't taking advantage of the 5.1 so I put in Burnout Revenge, quite possibly one of the greatest 'racing' games ever made. As it started up, I heard sound coming at me from all directions and I gotta tell ya. It was pretty damn sweet.

On to other business. I'd originally planned on having a comic with each blog post and I will certainly get on that ASAP but I can't so there won't be any comics for at least another week. I'll probably go back and put up comics for those. Time to get back t busywork.

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