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ImprYOUvements Wed, Jan 10 2007 13:35

So as not to gloss over all the hard work that I, Seung Lee (me), have done in the apartment, here follows an unordered list of neat things I have done.
  • Changed the light bulbs in the bedroom and the living room. The living room had this terrible flourescent bulb in it and it felt like death being under it. It was replaced with two 100w Reveal light bulbs. It is like daytime in the living room all the time.
  • Replaced the showerhead. The shower felt like a really tall dude was peeing on you. The stream of water didn't get anywhere near crossing the halfway mark of the tub. The new showerhead is like millions of tiny punches except the punches are water.
  • Hooks in the bathroom door. For hanging your clothes on!
  • Installing an aerator (sp?) on the bathroom sink. Previously, the sink spouted water as if being regurgitated, possibly by the same dude who was peeing on us in the shower (see above). The aerator makes it so the water is a stream instead of spurting out like... well, I won't make that analogy.
  • Step ladder! It's really amazing how helpful having a stepladder is. I can reach high places with ease! While I was at Home Depot buying a bunch of stuff, I grabbed a stepladder and immediately realized it was too large for my shopping cart. As I was doing so, a dude was poking around the stepladders and he seemed to be printing out new price tags. I made a note to come back when I was done to grab the ladder on the way out and when I did so, I saw that they ladders had dropped eight dollars! Hooray for me!

Okay, I think that's all for now. I'll keep everyone posted on how awesome I am at doing things.

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