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Dilemmas Thu, Jan 11 2007 09:02

I've been looking forward to purchasing a Macbook for some time now. The idea of having OSX and Windows XP with me at all times is a delicious idea. My iBook is barely over a year and a half old so I can't really justify the purchase.

Until NOW.

The NYU Computer Store is offering a "Holiday Sale." The higher end black Macbooks come with a free RAM upgrade to 2GB. It comes standard with 1GB (two 512MB DIMMS) and this RAM upgrade would cost me around $350. Since the RAM is free, it is essentially $350 off the price of the laptop which drops it down to $1050 (one month's rent, heh).

The other option is to wait until this summer when they have the "Buy a laptop, get a free iPod" promotion which they've done towards the end of the summer for the last two years. It's pretty much just a $200 coupon off an iPod purchase and I am due for a new one.

So on one hand, I can drop over $1700 NOW and save $350 or wait until the summer and save $200 and not add to my credit card debt which is significant because of the move and all the subsequent purchases.

I personally would opt to buy now, especially since I was considering getting one when my tax refund came in depending on the amount of the refund. It would nearly double my credit card debt though...

Being a consumer whore is hard sometimes.

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