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Sophie Is So Dumb Sat, Mar 17 2007 10:40

In our bedroom, we have a freestanding closet. There's a bunch of clothes and miscellaneous stuff that gets shoved in there. One of those things is a big plastic container that Sophie likes to sleep on. Every once in a while, she will climb in there and, I guess, get lost and meow at us to let her out. So dumb...

I took a peek at a webcomic today somewhere that was obviously done in Illustrator and it got me all worked up, wanting to do one of those again. A lot of the time, I really wish I could just have someone draw my comics so I could just write them but the rest of the time I want to draw them as well. Doing things in Illustrator is sort of like that. Once all the art assets are created, there isn't much to do besides write the strip and maybe create some set pieces.

I wonder if there's some way for me to write a bunch of comics and then set them aside and forget that I wrote them so I would find them some other day when I want to draw them... or something.

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