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It's Like Sharper Image For The Underprivileged Sat, Mar 24 2007 04:58

Jessie walked in the other day wielding what I can only describe as a gift from the Almighty himself. Dr. Leonard's presents Carol Wright Gifts. The cover alone featured products so useful and affordable that I snatched it out of her hands to claim it as my own.

As demonstrated in the comic, the products detailed in the catalog were of unparalleled necessity for any 20-something living in New York City. It compelled me to upend my wallet and let flow all of my available cash onto the face of the catalog which I crumpled and crammed into an envelope for deployment into the hands of our United States Postal Service.

Products such as waistband extenders and "Pick Up & Reaching Tools" stayed my hand. This thing I held was invaluable and I imagine that few exist in the wild. It's not unheard of to believe that there are those out there in the world who travel vast distances to catch a mere glimpse of the catalog, to be graced with its presence. Tens of people a year undoubtedly quest after the precious item much like many a knight did for the Holy Grail.

And so like the Holy Grail, I buried it somewhere but I made sure to leave an overly complicated set of clues and maps so that someday, someone could possibly be able to retrieve it.

I took a different approach with this comic. Usually, I sketch and ink on paper and then scan it in. I decided to go for an all digital approach this time and the same thing happened that happens every time I make such an attempt. I stop caring.

There's something about physically drawing on a piece of paper that has a sense of immediacy and permanency about the thing that makes it real. Whenever I go all digital, I have an unlimited amount of tries at the thing so I can draw a shitty line or I can leave things out and get to it later. And so I end up with something vaguely resembling what I want but it is also infinitely editable.

The draw for going all digital is something like this:

I can really drill down and work on details such as Sophie licking Jessie's finger and the image is infinitely scalable as it is a vector graphic. Details like these are impossible with my conventional ink and paper unless everything I draw is huge all the time and that's just impractical.

The temptation of scalable vector graphics is really strong and there are a few things I still want to try but for the most part, I will be going back to the traditional methods. For now.

I mentioned the Holy Grail before and with good reason. I watched the Da Vinci Code two or three times this weekend. One and a half times at work and another time at home. I didn't particularly love the movie. I just like a good mystery and going back over all the details you miss the first time around is always fun.

It also draws on my old high school self who was obsessed with the idea of conspiracies and gigantic secrets that span generations and would shake the human race if it ever got out. The X-Files groomed me for such things. The theories that are discussed in the movie are so well groomed and fit so well into history and so they are absolutely delicious to me. But of course, when dealing with such things, you have to realize that the theory bends to fit history and so of course everything fits and of course it all "makes sense."

In the end, with all works of fiction, it doesn't matter that the events did not occur or that the people did not exist. What you take away from it is most important so why not enjoy conspiracy theories and crashed UFOs, bigfeet and chupacabras. It's all in good fun.

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