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Oh That Jesus... Wed, Mar 28 2007 06:53

This revelation dawned on Jessie while we were waiting in line in a Walgreen's surrounded by Easter candy.

It has been brought to our attention that certain things mentioned in this comic are 100% false. Coffee for Breakfast regrettably rescinds the following statements:
  • Easter falls on the first Sunday in April every year.
  • In 2007, Easter falls on April 1st.
Coffee for Breakfast would like to make the following corrections:
  • Easter always falls on a Sunday and always occurs between March 22nd and April 25th.
  • In 2007, Easter falls on April 8th.
However, Coffee for Breakfast stands firm on the fact that Jesus emerged from his tomb after his resurrection in quite the jovial manner and was also a perpetual prankster. Whether or not Jesus was an actual human incarnation of The Lord Almighty and also the savior of the human race from eternal damnation in Hell remains unconfirmed.

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