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I'm Actually Quite Agile Fri, Apr 06 2007 06:07

Jessie sleeps on the outside end of the bed so I routinely have to climb over her to get to my half of the bed. I decided to speed things up a bit.

We went to see Reign Over Me last night. I have to say I was very much entertained and maybe a little moved. There are certain things that get me right up to the edge and push me over in terms of face-leaking and this movie had one of them.

As always, I welcome Adam Sandler taking more serious roles. He was excellent.

There are a few changes to the site by which I mean one. I got rid of some of the junk on the left. Stuff I'd planned on doing but never got around too. Instead, it's been replaced by an art project I just started.

It's a more streamlined version of what I try to do here at Coffee for Breakfast. A simple instant or emotion put into words and an illustration. It's much easier than trying to think of the mini-narratives that make up a comic strip.

Part of my inspiration for the project was the fact that robots are awesome and at times adorable. Another part was a character named King Pluto in the DS game Trioncube.

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