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"Sooophiiie! I'm gonna pick you up!" Wed, Apr 25 2007 00:44

I torture our cat. Of course by torture, I mean smother with love and affection in the normal human ways but I'm sure she sees it as torture.

I wonder if there is a way to train her to enjoy hugs.

Things are getting kind of busy right now. Jessie's just about finishing her last semester of school and her finals and stuff are building up. I took on a project that could probably take up all of my attention all the time. Luckily, I've been able to step away from it do work on my usual stuff.

Robotion is going well. For what it's worth, when you Google 'robotion' the first two hits are me. That's a good sign, I suppose.

two nouns broke 300 drawings recently. That's moving steadily.

And of course there is this which is limping along. The real problem is that I lead a pretty boring life. Nothing too interesting ever really happens so you get a lot of stuff about our cat. I'm okay with it. Are you?

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