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Dedicated To My Mom Sat, Apr 28 2007 00:40

Christmas of 2000 was my first winter at NYU. To mark the occasion, I got my dad an NYU hoodie. Coincidentally, my sister got him a hoodie from her university as well (Fordham).

Come New Years of that year, my dad was wearing the Fordham hoodie and I was on my way out to Times Square and I figured I needed some extra warmth so I grabbed the NYU hoodie and it's been close to my skin ever since.

I don't know how soon it was after that failed New Years Eve celebration (I'll share this story another time) but it was at least a year before I washed it. Remember, this was something I wore every single day.

The cuffs were the first to go. They were actually made of two layers and the second layer came off years ago. I only recently noticed the elbow holes and the zipper has only been giving me problems recently. Some time last year, I let someone wear the hoodie because it was cold out and noticed how dark the back of it was.

I've worn the fuck out of this hoodie. I think it may be time to retire it. My mom would be happy. Every time she sees me in it, she tells me I should get a new one. I suppose it does sort of make me look shabby and it sort of reflects on her, I guess, but whatever!

It's gonna take a phenomenally awesome hoodie to replace this one.

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