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Ha! It's 4:20. Mon, Sep 17 2007 04:25

My eyes snapped open at like 3:30 and I was immediately wide awake. I think it has something to do with the fact that I slept from 9am Saturday morning until 6pm, went out for a bit, came home, went to bed at 1am and woke up 1pm the next day.

Sleep is a little weird for me at the moment. I just went back to my overnight shift. Things would be "fine" if I just slept during the days all the time but Jessie would never see me. When I get used to it enough, I'll be able to shift back and forth between sleeping in the day during the week to sleeping at night on the weekends without batting an eye.

But right now it's early morning and there are 5 more hours until I'm supposed to get up. Thankfully, our cats noticed I got up and joined me on the couch, purring loudly.

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