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wramble == 09-23-2007 Sun, Sep 23 2007 21:24

A bunch of my friends got together on XBox Live to play a bunch of Halo 2. It was weird at first because I was already used to the Halo 3 controls which are superior. As soon as I got over that though, it was on!

It's a little weird because today might have been the last time I ever played Halo 2. Halo 3 does everything its predecessor does but better and the entire time we were playing, I just kept wishing I'd be able to go back and watch the saved games.

That one feature is going to ruin all other video games for me because I will forever expect to be able to play back my entire gaming session for every game I ever play. For a packrat like me, a feature like that is just the most delicious thing in the world. I fear the day that I run out of room on my hard drive for all the saved films. Hopefully by then, the price on 120gb drives will be significantly lower.

for those of you wondering, I won every match we played except for one round of oddball. I got a killtacular that round so I'm not too upset

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