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wramble == 10-06-2007 Sat, Oct 06 2007 08:38

Something you may not know about me: I love to write little programs that do relatively meaningless things.

They're almost always on the web in php because that's the language I use most often. One of the things I recently wrote was an app to compile all my screenshots from Halo 3. Bungie holds on to the most recent 30 but I'm a packrat. I want to keep them all so I made this thing to save it on my webspace.

Prior to that, I wrote an app to post photos from my sidekick to my photoblog and even to make posts to my blog which is what I'm using right now.

Last night, I updated a to do list program I wrote a few years back. There's probably a lot more I could add to it but it's serving its purpose right now which is an online shopping list that Jessie and I can access.

I got about halfway through writing a program to keep track of achievements that I want to get. I'd written a little css page that was all hand coded to keep track of some Halo 3 achievements but the page was static and a pain to edit so I started writing this more generic version that would let me add new games and add/remove achievements at will.

After that Daft Punk show we went to I told Jessie that I don't dance to music at all ever... but I could probably write a program that would do it. Bronson said this made me a bit too much like Roast Beef.

[You may have noticed that these posts seem to be getting longer. I started writing the post as soon as I got in the subway. I'm much more able to finish my thought when I don't have the pressure of finishing in time before I'm off the bridge and half the time I didn't even get enough signal to load the page to post this. I hope you can forgive me.]

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