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FutuRockaRama Sat, Dec 08 2007 07:02

I'm a ridiculously huge fan of Futurama. I've watched the entire series over a few dozen times with and without the commentary running.

So when they announced a new Futurama movie, I was pretty excited. It was a nice coincidence that Rock Band was released a week earlier and it made for a good excuse for a party. I decided on a Futurama theme with foods related to the show. Most of it was just slapping fun labels on already existing foods but some of it required some creativity like substituting bean dip for bachelor chow.

We spent most of the day trading off instruments in Rock Band which is all sorts of amazing fun. I had to take the drums most of the time because I had the most experience on them and it's a little hard to pick up. Unlike the guitars controls which are more analogous to pressing buttons on a regular controller, the drums were pretty much real drums and you had to play them as such. Eventually, other people got the hang of it so I could trade off to play bass or sing horribly.

When evening rolled around, we gave the game a break and put in the Futurama movie. If you're a fan of the show, I'm assuming you've already watched it. If not, you should watch it anyway. It's really great. The first time I watched it (Tuesday of that week) I felt like it dragged on. I attributed it to the fact that I'm used to 24 minute chunks of Futurama and the movie was almost 90 minutes long. After subsequent viewings (6 times now) the length and pacing seem perfectly fine.

However, because of the way my work week pans out, the party started about 4 hours after my last shift of the week and the bulk of it took place during the span of time that I'd normally be asleep. So when we finally sat down to watch the movie, I was out like a light.

A good time was had by all though. I drank a bunch of beer and played Rock Band and laughed at Futurama (Clara actually did a spit take) and ate a bunch of Futurama labeled foods. I'd planned on making Buggalo wings but there was a steady flow of food all day and I was full by the time the movie started so I wasn't that motivated to cook anymore.

No worries though. I'm always up for making wings whenever and I'll definitely be having parties for the other movies when they come out (another 3 are being made).

My apologies for this poorly written post. I'm in the middle of watching the movie a 7th time.

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