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End of 2007 - Recap #1: Xmas at Home Tue, Jan 15 2008 09:27

[I have this neat program installed. It lets you type in keywords or part of a word and it will finish typing the word for you. Like, I type my email in like 8 billion times a day so I have it set so I can just type seung@ and it will finish the rest of the email. So when I said that I would be back later in the day in my last post, that was actually the program replacing 'month' with 'day.' Did you buy that?]

Xmas at home is not something I would call traditional. Our parents aren't Christian and they certainly didn't raise us as Christians so we celebrate mostly in the consumerist fashion. It's certainly more about the giving but dang, you get a lot of stuff too!

Every year around November we send each other our lists and we all pretty much get every on our lists that is within reason. This year Waka asked for a baby (boy) and as much as Jessie and I would love to give that to her, it wasn't really in our power. Recently though, in the past few years, I like to give at least one extra gift that wasn't asked for in the spirit of the usual tradition.

Contrary to that, we usually celebrate Christmas a few days early. That's mostly my doing but what I mean is that it is mostly Jessie's. We spend Christmas with her family in Connecticut because she doesn't really get to see them otherwise. My family's Christmas is pretty flexible so we push ours earlier so we can go to hers. This year, we had some debate over the specific date but we finally settled on the Sunday before Christmas. I'd made a request that we have kimbop (Korean handrolls) and that was the only day we could really make that happen.

In the past, my mom would make ridiculously huge batches of it on special holidays. Your average sushi roll is about 8 to 10 pieces. Kimbop is roughly the same but you make about two dozen or so rolls. This produces enough to feed the entire family that day and have leftovers for the following week. I prefer to have them the day they are made because when you make them, you actually cook them slightly so everything is warm. I still enjoy them cold but my preference is to have them warm.

My mom was actually working that day so the task of making the kimbop was left to the kids (my cousin Grace, my sister in law Waka, Jessie, and me) and we spent the afternoon putting together all the parts that would end up in the rolls and eventually rolling them up. I think mine came out the best.

When my mom finally got home, she made us some soup which I had to force down, mostly because I'd filled up on kimbop and the many constituent parts that I'd snacked on along the way. That was fine though since I was in a rush to get to the presents anyway.

It's never really about the presents themselves since we all pretty much know what we're getting. I guess it is just a lot of fun to open presents. Of the gifts I got, I think I was most excited about the cat tree my brother got me. Jessie and I'd been wanting to get one for a while but they're all pretty expensive. The one we got is great. It's a 4 level kitty tower (for cats). So far Tyler's been using it to climb to the top of our media center which makes me a little nervous (he's already fallen from it once) but he's a cat. What am I gonna do?

There's plenty more to say about my Xmas but I'm running out of steam here. I'll try and get back to this and finish all of it this week. Hope every had a good Christmas!

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