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Smocky? Mon, Feb 11 2008 17:11

I was trying to think of a way to make smores more bite sized and possibly make it into a dish that could be served in a restaurant. The thing I came up with was a marshmallow skewered on a stick of pocky and then toasted.

There are some issues. If you roast it when it's on the pocky, it may melt and destroy the pocky. I guess you could roast it first and then skewer it but then it would not be as presentable. I also thought you could maybe roast just the marshmallow with one of those creme brulee torches.

Another thing is that your standard marshmallow is way too big for a pocky. There are the tiny ones but those are probably too small. Is there a medium sized marshmallow? One solution I had was to cut a standard sized marshmallow into discs and skewer those with some space between each slice and then roast it.

Does that sound awesome? Leave a comment if you have suggestions or if you try it and manage to pull it off!

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