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I need to find a way to make posting easier. Wed, Feb 27 2008 07:49

Some things to make note of:
-I made some delicious chicken soup for dinner.
-I brought said soup to work only to have it disappear some time between midnight and 4:30. I suspect one of my coworkers accidentally took it thinking it was one of their bags but I talked to the two that were here and neither of them have seen it.
-A girl reserved the audio editing station for 6:30 and showed up at 7:15. I had to give it to a guy who showed up at 6:20 and waited for her to not show up. I felt really bad.

But in bigger news, I started my 2D animation class this week. It was pretty fun but I have my doubts about it. The class is going to be moving pretty slowly and the professor, while he is a nice person, is pretty low energy and not super fun. I also feel like I could probably have learned what we did in class by reading a few pages in a book.

Still, it's only been one class. We have a homework assignment. It's something I can bang out in like half an hour if I wanted to but I'll try and make it really good. Basically, we have to draw a face bouncing up and down, its shape squashing or stretching depending on how fast it's moving. I think I might try to go for a 24 frame 1 second cycle.

Jumping around quite a bit: I've made good on at least one of my New Year's resolutions which was to draw every day. I started using to make sure I would draw something, anything, at least once a day. It's mostly robotion drawings which I've been updating once a week. I will probably push it up to two times a week since I have enough drawings to get me through the spring if I keep with the once a week updates.

Two nouns isn't moving nearly as quickly. The nouns aren't inspiring me enough. I've had good suggestions but I just haven't been pushing myself to do it. The animation class is actually getting me to think about all sorts of things I want to draw. There is one comic I've had germinating for a while but I haven't had the confidence or skill to pull off just yet. I think I always envisioned it as an animated short but I never thought of that as an actual viable option until now.

The final project for the class is a 30 second animation which is much too short for what I want to do but I'll gladly work on it on my own. I have another idea for what I want to do for my final. Again, it's something I actually thought up for heart-comics but it might be better suited as an animation.

I spent an hour or so looking at my website stats seeing whose been linking to me. There's a bunch of links from stumbleupon and there are a decent handful of comments there. It was a bit of a pick-me-up but served mostly as a distraction from my lost lunch. I was killing time waiting for the deli to open up so I could get a bagel.

OK, almost time to go home. Gotta pick up milk and stuff for dinner.

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