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2D Animation Class 2 Tue, Mar 04 2008 01:52

I felt a lot better about todays class. We started on a simple walk cycle. I got the idea and got it drawn pretty quickly. It was a bit messy but it's manageable. The concept isn't all that hard to grasp and I've gone through the motions before.

It got a little complicated when we had to add a secondary movement. It seems pretty straight forward. Two things are going on at once. You can just separate it completely and animate each part by itself but then when things from the second movement depend on things from the first movement, things kind of melt together and get all runny.

It's getting all fuddled in my brain trying to explain it. I should have a youtube clip up later today. I'd prefer some higher resolution stuff but it's just a lot easier this way.

And here they are!

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